PREMIERE: Ahh Ooh returns with new single “I Love Myself”

After taking a brief hiatus filled with self reflection and discovery, producer Ahh Ooh is back with a brand new single “I Love Myself”. His new perspective brings us  a feel good, self-love, dance jam designed to help people shout “I LOVE MYSELF” in any situation. The catchy melodies and stunning hooks are infectious and can bring a smile in the best of times and worst.

“I wrote this song after reading the book “Love yourself like your life depends on it” by Kamal Ravikant. It’s a quick read, straightforward, and extremely useful. I wanted to create a song that would help other people in the same way that this book helped me. I also wanted a song to sing in the face of the self-doubt that seems to follow my creative endeavors around.”

Ahh Ohh – I Love Myself