Precision & Snyder teaming up for latest venture, “Like This” 

Hailing from Chapel Hill, NC, Precision is a diverse producer and DJ who has a knack for creating filthy bass coupled with harmonious melodies, breathtaking vocals, and big drops. He’s teaming up with none other than, Snyder, another fellow artist from North Carolina,  for their latest venture, “Like This.”  “Like This” is an ode to that much appreciated, iconic, underground sound—and there’s no denying the mission was a complete success. It is a deep and groovy club anthem, and will have you hooked the minute you press play. Already earning early Spotify editorial support along earning the cover spot on Austin Kramer’s OOFTAH playlist, there’s no doubt “Like This” has a big future in store!

Here’s what Precision had to say about it:

“’Like This’ was an absolute blast to create. Snyder and I share a similar mentality and deep internal drive which makes working together come as second nature. In this track, we set out to build that iconic underground club feeling, filled with ground shaking bass that you can feel through your chest, and deliver that experience straight to our listeners through their headphones. We hopped in the studio together and emerged with this track, which is definitely a dance floor weapon.”

Listen to “Like This” by Precision & Snyder below!