Power Glove Channels Classic Horror Films In New Retro Halloween EP, “Throwback”

Some days, you just feel like retreating to the 1980s in a horror film and living out the rest of your days while pounding electronic music follows you around like a theme song as you wonder where you’ve gone wrong in your life until you realize that it’s just Power Glove and… holy hell, what just happened? Did I black out? Nope! It’s just the new EP from Power Glove called Throwback, filled with five horror-themed synthwave anthems that are sure to excite as much as terrify.

Pulsing bass and sonorous organ notes fill the sonic space as Power Glove transports you to a, perhaps, simpler time when horror films were less about CGI and more about encountering the deep unknown. Let Throwback entice you and lead you into a realm when nothing is safe and everything is out to get you.

Listen below.