Pouya Aziz takes the audience on an emotional musical ride with his new song ‘Losing You’

Singer Pouya Aziz beautifully portraits the pain of an ending relationship in his latest soundtrack ‘Losing You’ that sees him at his emotional best throughout. There is a light at the end of every tunnel and life is no different. Digging deep into the complexities of life singer Pouya Aziz leads with certain vulnerability and realness to release his latest single. Bringing through a classic pop sound with a notable contemporary tone, the singer pours his heart out while expressing the pain he had from his previous relationship. The overall mood is quite intimate and the singer gives out a melancholic performance that has the power to soothe any burning soul. His intricate and powerful voice works magnificently to give the listener a certain ray of hope.

The song ‘Losing You’ proves that even if the colors have fallen away or are about to fall, one must have the intention to rise and blossom. The songwriting remains true to the title and the aspiring musician speaks about his experiences from the previous toxic relationship he had encountered. Lyrically dense and musically catchy, the song is a perfect fit into the puzzle of broken hearts and his voice is enough to keep the project extremely fresh and emotive. It easily connects with the listener for its realness and urges them to get lost in their feelings. The singer’s vocal flow changes gear throughout as he keeps up with the changing pace while perfectly tapping into the mood of the song.

Pouya Aziz is a self-made musician who comes from a community that doesn’t acknowledge music. Regardless of his origin, the singer went against all odds to develop his skills in composing, singing, and producing based on his true passion. The artist sincerely broke the prevailing norms and the stereotypes to create an inspiring example for the upcoming artists. His creativity and energy knows no bounds and ‘Losing You’ is a perfect example of that. Listen to his creations on Spotify and YouTube, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more details.

Losing You-Pouya Aziz (Offical Video)

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