Porter Robinson’s Visual Artist, Ghostdad, Launches Interactive Website

Porter Robinson‘s visual artist, Ghostdad, just launched a brand new, interactive website full of Easter eggs and killer content. Upon first glance, the website looks random, but this is very much organized chaos. A click here and a click there, and soon things start falling into place. All the while, you’re getting a glimpse into the art of the mastermind that is Ghostdad.

This guy has worked with everyone from Anna Lunoe to A-Trak, plus Chrome Sparks, Haywyre, Audien, Anamanaguchi, and more, as displayed in the content reel below. He’s been heavily involved with Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self project as well. Not only is Ghostdad an amazing visual artist, he’s a music producer as well. His website hosts some of his music, so make sure you hunt it down (hint: click the hard drive).

Explore via ghostdad.world.

Meet Ghostdad