Porter Robinson’s Support Of Madeon’s “Good Faith” Is The Definition Of Wholesome

Madeon’s album Good Faith is one of the best things to happen in 2019, and Porter Robinson agrees with me. The two friends have shared a lot together over the years, including a love of each other’s music. So when Madeon released his sophomore album last Friday, of course Porter had to stan his best friend.


Porter started with a pretty standard tweet, promo’ing the album and calling it incredible.

my good friend Madeon’s album “Good Faith” which he’s been developing for years and years is finally out and it’s just incredible

just listen to it it’s so good

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) November 16, 2019

From there, though, he just dives headfirst into praising the album and his reactions are the definition of wholesome.

“good faith” is breathtaking. top 5 all time album for me. it’s the sound of an artist achieving what he wanted to achieve for his entire life

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) November 16, 2019

i heard every song in this album many times in various states of completion, but i saved my first true start-to-finish playthrough for today. it really left me stunned


what the fuck man it’s too good

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) November 16, 2019



— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) November 16, 2019

If you haven’t heard the album yet, or want to experience the album again, check it out below.

Photo via Erik Voake/Coachella via youredm

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