Porter Robinson Drops DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON Remix Of “Get Your Wish”

Following the Anamanaguchi remix from last week, Porter Robinson just dropped a brand new remix for his own track, under the silly name DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON. Contrary to the original, more mellow song, this remix is a sound that many have been craving from the artist. It’s a wildly more upbeat tune with some of the hallmarks of his Spitfire and Worlds eras. Still with the modulated vocals intact, they sound even more anime-inspired and beautiful here. And with the chopped up synths and far more “EDM”-ish vibe, this is sure to be the festival version that so many will fall in love with. We’re still waiting for Nurture to come, but this is a hugely amazing consolation in the meantime.

Check it out below!

Photo via Rukes.com