Porter finds a sick "language" by Ekonovah

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class= Whenever Porter Robinson decides that a song is good enough to be played in one of his sets, it's not hard to say that it's probably a good song. If it's included in several sets during a tour, it means it's worth being listened to.

When Porter Robinson decides to no longer play the original version of one of his most famous songs of all time for the benefit of a remix of this song (again, through MULTIPLE sets) It's time to ask yourself why you are still reading this. sentence and have not yet opened the SoundCloud link.

Ekonovah, Arizona, reversed the term "Language" in a way that we would never have imagined possible, and Porter took note of it. He plays this incredibly smooth "Ekotech" trick (the characteristic sound of Ekonovah) in each of these sets in recent months. After listening to what he listened to, it is not surprising that he became so attached. The first time I heard the synth drop in this flip, I had to manually close my jaw with the hand, she had fallen so hard to the ground.

At a time when electronic music has seen so many different artists that it's hard to find new sounds, "Ekotech" is a drop of cold water and a slap that wakes anyone up claims that unique futuristic sounds are dead. The flip "Language" goes even further in this uniqueness, making the sound of Ekonovah one of the best of Porter, in a manner both incredible and appropriate.

Watch him dropping this rocker on his game in "Freaky Deaky" and be sure to listen to the full song below.

Porter Robinson – Language (Ekonovah Flip) | Water course



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Porter finds sick "language" by Ekonovah

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