Popular states in the USA that are being considered for an improved quality of life

From year-round sun to friendly locals to getting more for your money when it comes to property investment, the reasons to seek out a luxurious new life in a new location are plentiful. And if the past year of being stuck in a series of lockdowns has done anything, it has encouraged people to seek out a new start, whether that comes down to career, relationships or a simple lust for a different way of living. Dreams are no longer simply being dreamt, they are being turned into realities and lived out; families are uprooting and heading to new destinations, and businesses are being started up left, right and centre. It seems, for many people, the time is now to start executing those long-wished-for dreams, and we are here for it. The diverse and far-reaching states of the USA offer up such an interesting mix of cultures, foods and terrains that it’s not hard to understand why those wishing to relocate would look here. Out of the 50 to choose from, we take a look at some of the more popular states that are being considered for an improved quality of life.


View of Florida houses

Florida promises reasonable house prices, year-round sun and stunning beaches. Image credit: SNEHITPHOTO/Bigstock.com

According to the summer 2020 edition of Miami Report, 950 people per day are flocking to Florida to restart their lives and if you have ever visited The Sunshine State, you will understand why. There are seemingly endless reasons why so many would relocate to Florida with many compiled lists citing reasonable house prices, year-round sun, stunning beaches, diverse locations and the opportunity to live in a holiday destination all year long. Who wouldn’t want to live their life as though they were on one long holiday?

In addition to the above, many people adore the fact that they are close to some of the country’s most popular attractions and features such as Walt Disney Resort and the unique Everglades, while the waterside location is a big draw, not just for the amazing food that comes from it, but the endless ways it can enjoyed by residents in their leisure time. Add to that the fact that the state doesn’t collect individual income tax or state estate tax and your wallet will be grateful too.


View of mountain ranges in Hawaii

Hawaii has three spectacular main islands, all promising a a relaxed pace of life

Often finding its way onto the top three of any list of healthiest states, Hawaii would be a dream to move to – it’s literally a set of paradise islands, after all, and it may be a surprise to learn that each of the main islands are quite different. From the culinary paradise that is Honolulu to the historic Molokai to the small-town charm and waterfall-filled location of Kauai, you are sure to be pleased with your move here. Don’t expect things to move quickly – you are surely moving for a more relaxed pace of life, so embrace the year-round sun and warmth, the stunning natural features, the sunsets, the super-friendly locals, and relax and enjoy.


View of the United States Capitol in Washington

Washington promises a better way of life

Making it to the top of many lists, Washington state seems to regularly impress those who seek a better way of living and it seems the number of available jobs coupled with the natural surroundings are the biggest benefits. Some big-name businesses have settled here offering up plentiful employment opportunities, while lake-side homes are the go-to for the affluent. The state is introducing more environmentally friendly measures, it’s another state with no personal income tax and outdoor activities are in abundance – need we say more?


Minneapolis downtown skyline in Minnesota

From art, culture, vibrant food scene and beautiful surroundings, Minnesota has it all

From clean cities to lakes galore and endless hiking trails to diverse festivals and delicious food, the upper Midwest state of Minnesota is a big draw for those who wish to live among stunning natural surroundings. Those with a love for the outdoors will be thrilled and those who don’t currently have one will surely develop it after some time here. Art, culture, the food scene, welcoming small towns and 11,000 plus lakes are just some of the enticing factors for those looking to relocate here.


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.

Economic health and employment rank highly in Utah

For good quality of life, Utah has to make it onto this list – the economy is thriving, the landscapes are out of this world and crime rates are low. Economic health and employment rank highly, while skiers, climbers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts will be well taken care of. The transportation system is applauded, especially from Salt Lake City, while the national parks are a must-visit – stargazing under a clear night sky is a regular thing here. It may seem like a surprising choice, but Utah may just be the place for you.