Pop music gets its new heir with the release of ‘Save You’ by Maddhatr

Maddhatr has stunned one and all with his fascinating performance in his debut single ‘Save You’. With so many moments to embrace, this track is a sonic delight. The gorgeous pop vocals of Alex Galli, famously known as Maddhatr has dominated the three minutes six seconds long musical journey, with undeniably supreme confidence and swagger, which can enchant anyone. His debut single has made the industry talking about the impact the track has been able to cast. The sublime fusion of the various elements of the genre of Pop draws the attention of the audience straight into the narrative of the track. The core of the track is hypnotizing and melodically soothing. ‘Save You’ is truly a bliss for the fans of this genre.

The concept of the track pivots the life of a boy who is fighting for the love of a girl, amidst the testing time of turmoil. This seasoned lyricist and recording artist has been in the industry for more than five years now, has pretty efficiently used his experience into the creation of his debut single. The immense potential shown by Maddhatr in this track reflects his creative brilliance and artistry. The artist is now gearing up for his first album, ‘Young and Wise’, which will be released soon. The audience can listen to ‘Save You’ on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube TO know more, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and his official website.