Plus-Size Brand Part & Parcel Launches a Plus-Size Modeling Agency

Image: Courtesy of Part & Parcel

While many straight-size labels have extended their ranges to include plus-size options, one plus-size brand just went the extra mile. After sometimes struggling to find body-diverse plus-size models to showcase its own collections, Part & Parcel decided to launch its own modeling agency. With its sights set on models sizes 14 to 36-plus, the new agency, appropriately called Talent, already has a pretty diverse cast of plus-size models and hopes to represent as many as 100 models by the end of 2020. The best part? You don’t need any previous modeling experience to sign up.

“You may have already been dreaming of becoming a fashion model, or the idea may just be dawning upon you for the first time. No matter your story, we invite you to give modeling a go. We represent models of all ages, all abilities and sizes – we welcome you as you are. Join us in representing and celebrating our plus bodies,” the brand declares on its site.

Props to Part & Parcel for becoming part of the solution.