Pluko Drops New Album For A ‘Time Where Music Is The Only Thing That You Let Affect You’

It’s a strange time in the world right now. There are so many important global issues to turn our attention to: global warming, systemic racism, the threat of a global pandemic, widespread economic crises, corruption, strife, hunger, and more. It’s paramount for those who have the ability to turn their attention to these issues and address them, possibly even make strides to solve them. However, with the weight of the world on everyone’s shoulders right now, sometimes it’s just as important to turn everything off and just let yourself heal.

Though pluko did not create his new album COLOR BLIND knowing that any of these issues would be affecting the world today, his intent behind it is maybe more justified now than ever.

“COLOR BLIND is supposed to represent a moment in time where music is the only thing that you let affect you,” he says.

The 13-track album is a journey through many different styles of electronic music, incredibly well-written and thoughtfully composed pieces of music that let your soul breathe a little. The effect is conveyed through the empty space in his own work, the tempo of the tracks, the way it flows.

“My entire goal for COLOR BLIND was to write something that everyone can enjoy and listen to, even non-electronic fans,” pluko writes. “I tried to create a vibe that feels extremely fresh. Something that nobody has heard before. I wanted people to hear this album and instantly think ‘oh that’s that new pluko sound.’”

With the short attention span that many have these days, it’s difficult to create a full musical experience that doesn’t at some times leave you bored or your mind wandering, pluko, on the other hand, hits with every single track — there’s no filler, no track left in because maybe “this one could fit.” The raw intent and direction of the album is palpable in every song, and we love to hear it.

Listen to COLOR BLIND below now.