PLS&TY Unleashes 2nd Single ‘Upside’ Off Upcoming Anticipated EP, “3 Days, 2 Nights”

PLS&TY, the prolific artist known for his impressive musical releases, has once again captivated listeners with his latest single, “Upside.” This remarkable track features the exceptional vocal talents of Ben Samama, a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. As a sneak peek into PLS&TY’s highly-anticipated EP titled “3 Days, 2 Nights,” this song has been creating a buzz since its initial teasers in March. “Upside” takes a distinctive underground and dancefloor-oriented approach, reminiscent of its predecessor “Yours.” With its enchanting melodies and pulsating bassline, this track sets a mysteriously danceable atmosphere, while the infectious vocals inject a lively and dynamic energy.

Exploring “Upside”

Embracing an Underground VibeIn “Upside,” PLS&TY delves into the realm of underground music, captivating listeners with a unique sonic experience. This departure from mainstream sounds demonstrates the artist’s versatility and willingness to push boundaries. By embracing an underground vibe, PLS&TY appeals to a niche audience seeking fresh and unconventional tracks.

Dancefloor-Oriented Grooves

Drawing inspiration from the pulsating energy of the dancefloor, “Upside” drives listeners to move and groove. Its carefully crafted beats and rhythms intertwine, creating a seamless flow that compels even the most reluctant dancers to hit the floor. PLS&TY’s meticulous attention to detail ensures a captivating and unforgettable dance experience.

Enchanting Melodies

One of the standout elements in “Upside” is its captivating melodies. PLS&TY’s keen sense of musicality shines through as he weaves enchanting tunes that resonate with the listener’s soul. These melodies have a hypnotic quality, drawing the audience into a sonic journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Deep, Rolling Bassline

The track’s foundation lies in its deep, rolling bassline. This commanding element adds depth and richness to the overall sound, creating a captivating backdrop for the song. The carefully crafted bassline immerses the listener in a sonic landscape that is both powerful and infectious.

Playful and Energetic Vocals

“Upside” features the infectious vocals of Ben Samama, a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. Samama’s vocal prowess injects a playful and energetic vibe into the track, complementing the music’s dark undertones. His dynamic delivery adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to an already compelling composition.

The Anticipation for “3 Days, 2 Nights” EP

The release of “Upside” only heightens the anticipation surrounding PLS&TY’s upcoming EP, “3 Days, 2 Nights.” Since its initial teasers in March, this project has been generating excitement within the music industry and among fans alike. PLS&TY’s ability to consistently deliver exceptional tracks has created a sense of eagerness to explore the full breadth of this forthcoming EP.


PLS&TY’s latest single, “Upside,” serves as a mesmerizing preview of his highly-anticipated EP, “3 Days, 2 Nights.” With its underground and dancefloor-oriented approach, captivating melodies, deep bassline, and infectious vocals, this track showcases the artist’s talent and versatility. As the release date for the EP draws near, the anticipation continues to grow, promising an exceptional musical experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting