Playyboi Pudd shows how to change the musicality with time in the new track ‘HOOD HOP FREESTYLE’

The New Jersey Rapper Playyboi Pudd has composed a new freestyle hip hop song called ‘HOOD HOP FREESTYLE’ that is much lighter and cheerful with bright wordplay. I am excited to discuss Playyboi Pudd’s new hip hop song ‘HOOD HOP FREESTYLE’ that is produced by ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB, ENT. The New Jersey Rapper is the owner of the entertainment label and a seasoned artist who truly believes the music is larger than life. The new song is weaved in the 21st century’s evolving freestyle that carries the undulating rhythms with the exuberant essence of the rapper that is quite visible throughout the song. I loved the introduction part of the track that simply captivated me to move forward as the song proceeds. His authentic style of venting out the positive energy through the rap rants has simply swayed me.

Playyboi Pudd is a well-known artist in 2020 who has achieved many milestones in a short period. He has incomparable flair in R&B music as well that I discovered in the song ‘LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD’. ‘HOOD HOP FREESTYLE’ is concocted in a different flavor that is heavier on the style of the mixed approach of hip hop molded in the independent style of the rapper. The other tracks that he has produced have an uncanny similarity with the works of the legendary rappers Jay Z and Lil Wayne. I am waiting for the E.P titled “Be Art, It’s Endless” that will be posted on his website, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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