Platipodas stimulates the senses with his appealing song designs highlighted efficiently in ‘Boris the Animal’

Platipodas allows the audience to relate to the unquestionable depth of his soundscapes as he clusters few artistically created songs in his EP ‘Boris the Animal’.

Platipodas is a multifaceted artist based out of Greece whose music proves that electronic as a trend is in full effect as he prominently traps all attention with his unusual series of musical compositions. The best thing about his musky is that it is boundless and explores various sounds to bring his musicality to the forefront. I was completely bewildered with the melodic content that blends strangely suited sounds on a mix that ultimately turns out to be eclectic and exciting. Along with his long term collaborator Bishop the Baker, the artist has crafted the EP ‘Boris the Animal’ comprising of songs like ‘50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ and ‘Boris the Pig’.

The EP ‘Boris the Animal’ talks about the devastating environmental catastrophe. The songs center on conditions like drought, hurricanes, floods, and heavy wildfires which was making life on the planet difficult. Bori’s father was a well to do farmer whose power forced him to turn into an animal. The songs ‘Boris Goes to the Brothel’, and ‘We Die’ tell us what would happen in the near future if we do not change now. Platipodas has done an incredible artwork and deserves all kind of appreciation for his unique craft. Listen to the tracks on Spotify and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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