Planning The Perfect Trip To Spain

Many people flock to Spain as a holiday destination, and is it any wonder with the beautiful weather, stunning blue flag beaches, thriving cities and abundance of architectural masterpieces, not to mention the delicious food to devour? Encompassing a blend of cultures, cuisines and diverse geography across its 17 autonomous regions, there is plenty to see, do, eat and experience, and while the Spanish Islands, namely the Balearics and Canary Islands often get most of the attention when it comes to summer holiday destinations, the mainland should certainly not be overlooked. If this exciting country is on your list of places to visit this year or the next, then we have all the information you need on planning the perfect trip.

From choosing where to go to figuring out the best way of travelling there and deciding what to pack, we have all the tips you need to plan your long-awaited holiday.

Why Plan?

The importance of careful planning shouldn’t be overlooked. When you decide upon your location – there’s more on that below – you should look at putting together a complete travel itinerary. Look at how you want to get there, how much you want to spend, where you’re staying and what you’ll do in your free time. By planning ahead, you can take out the guesswork that comes with booking a deal last minute without prior knowledge of the area.


Barcelona is a city that has it all: beautiful architecture and the trappings of a city with stunning beaches for you to relax on, too. Image credit: Brian K/

How Do You Want To Get There?

Some people still use travel agents and online booking sites, whereas others prefer to put together their own holiday packages. Now, many prefer to arrive by plane, even private jet, but that is not your only option. You could make a road trip out of the occasion, stopping off at a range of places along the way, and catch a ferry to northern Spain or to France before heading south. Choosing a different mode of travel will allow you to experience things you wouldn’t usually get to or see things and places you would otherwise miss.

Choosing The Destination

When choosing a destination, it is important to know the purpose of your holiday. Some people prefer a beach holiday where they can relax and destress, while others prefer a city break for the atmosphere and cultural sights. Some like tourist-focused places and others prefer to venture off the beaten path. Once you have decided which of these factors is important to you, it’s easier to choose a destination but for now, read on for some of the top recommended destinations in Spain.


Spain’s capital city is Europe’s third most populated metropolis. There are many facets to this city to explore for those who are swayed by adventure, and the nightlife is also first-rate. Finally, the museums and cultural activities are transcendent – head to the Royal Palace and Prado Museum where you will find works by European masters.


This is a city that has it all: beautiful architecture and the trappings of a city with stunning beaches for you to relax on, too. Barcelona also boasts nine UNESCO world heritage sites including the Sagrada Familia church, Casa Batllo and Palau de la Musica Catalana.


Spain’s capital city, Madrid, is Europe’s third most populated metropolis


This is a must-see destination for any Game of Thrones fan as the UNESCO protected Old Town is so convincingly Medieval that it was used as the setting for several Kings Landing scenes. This region is perhaps the most exciting frontier when it comes to tourism.


Some people dismiss Marbella as a glitzy party town and, whilst this is true in part, it is not all that this city is. It has excellent beaches and boasts one of the prettiest old towns in Andalusia. In fact, many people love this destination so much that they invest in holiday homes there to return to on a regular basis. Bright is a property development company that builds some of the most beautiful luxury villas in Marbella, if you’re tempted.

Santiago de Compostela

This city is truly ancient; it is perhaps best known for the eponymous pilgrimage that culminates there. This pilgrimage is a thousand-year-old tradition and remains a religious rite for many, however, the walk today is popular for its scenic views and breath-taking nature.

Travel Insurance

Many people lost out on money from planned holidays during the pandemic as insurance companies found loopholes or travellers simply hadn’t taken it out, deeming it unnecessary for their planned adventures. Travel insurance, in theory, does protect your investment if the unexpected occurs, however, the question of whether or not travel insurance is worth it depends on a number of factors, such as whether or not your trip is refundable, where you are going and whether you are entitled to any health coverage at the destination.

passport travel planning

The importance of careful planning shouldn’t be overlooked

Travel insurance usually covers you for several travel-related risks such as flight cancellations, lost bags, and medical emergencies. What you are covered for specifically may vary between providers, usually, things like pre-existing medical conditions, accidents resulting from dangerous activities, acts of God, war, or terrorism are not included.

Travel Essentials

Heading to sunny Spain will bring with it many opportunities to explore, dine out and relax, so ensuring you pack all the essentials based on your planned activities will be vital. All of the beach essentials such a swimwear, sun cream, sunglasses, a beach bag and a hat are clearly essentials, while a range of footwear, outfits and accessories – for days exploring, evenings out at dinner and potentially partying the night away – should be planned well. Don’t forget your swishest camera, some nice outfits for those fine dining dinners, and a bag to store your most valuable items in as hand luggage on the plane, as well as a suitcase big enough to fit all of those designer purchases you are bound to make along the way.

Things To Consider

Almost every travel experience to another country can be optimised by making an effort to learn about the culture beforehand. Learn a couple of key Spanish phrases and be mindful of any local customs before you head off; it will not only make a nice gesture, but will also ensure you won’t accidentally offend anyone during your travels.

In Conclusion

Most people are absolutely dying for a holiday, but it can feel a little overwhelming after such a long break to try and plan a holiday again, in addition to the fact that the rules and restrictions keep changing. Therefore, it is recommended that you take your time to plan your next getaway well to ensure that it turns out to be the luxury holiday you so deserve.