PJ Morton Unveils Fresh Track: “Smoke & Mirrors”

Renowned musician PJ Morton unveils another gem from his highly anticipated album “Cape Town to Cairo” with the release of his latest single, “Smoke & Mirrors”. This captivating composition serves as the inaugural track of Morton’s transformative album, which he crafted during an immersive 30-day odyssey across Africa. Devoid of preconceived melodies or lyrical themes, Morton embarked on this journey with a audacious vision: to conceive and produce his entire LP within a mere month, while actively engaging with the diverse cultures, narratives, and societies he encountered along the way.

Recorded amidst the vibrant landscapes of Lagos, Nigeria, and Johannesburg, South Africa, “Smoke & Mirrors” embodies the ethos of challenging conventional assumptions, drawing inspiration from Morton’s international exploits and his extensive tenure in the music industry. Scheduled for release on June 14th, the “Cape Town to Cairo” album promises to be a testament to Morton’s artistic evolution and global perspective.