PJ Morton Delivers To Us His Brand New Single Called “ Please Don’t Walk Away ”

PJ Morton delivers to us his brand new single called “Please Don’t Walk Away”. The song is a seductive and soulful throwback which features PJ’s signature crooning and giving us everything we’ve been missing in R&B. The poignant lyrics find PJ contemplating the potential end of a relationship and yearning for it not to end. He adds:

“‘Please Don’t Walk Away’ is in the spirit of when men were honest and willing to be vulnerable in music. It came from a real place when I thought I was going to lose the love of my life. I just tapped into those feelings. And as it happens sometimes, something beautiful came from something tragic.”

Just over a year ago in 2020, PJ released his latest album “Gospel According to PJ”.

The video depicts a moving and honest love story set in New Orleans. In the video, PJ is on a mission as he moves through his city, attempting to reclaim the partner he almost lost.