Pixel Terror Drop Insane New Midtempo Banger, “Amnesia”

The world of midtempo bass is the new thing, growing at a pace heretofore unseen since the days of trap and future bass. It truly is the next big genre, though we’ll see how long it lasts. Until the time that the bubble bursts, however, we continue to be blessed with incredible new productions, like Pixel Terror’s “Amnesia.” “Amnesia” starts off with a very pretty melody as it leads into a lightly distorted vocal. By all accounts, at this point, you wouldn’t expect the madness that’s about to occur. As the vocals stagger out in rhythmic fashion, the drop comes in hard and quick, barely giving you time to catch your breath.

Pixel Terror keep the track interesting, switching up the drops, melodies, and synths throughout. It gives “Amnesia” depth and, in a sort of way that maybe only I am inferring, lends credence to the thought that the track has amnesia, and can’t remember what fucking drop it’s supposed to have. But maybe that’s just me. You can listen to “Amnesia” from Pixel Terror now via Monstercat.