Philip Noel catches us from falling in the hour of need with the epic gospel music video ‘Walking In My Blessing’

The U K gospel singer and director of Soul 100 Television, Philip Noel brings the gospel symphonies of hope with ‘Walking In My Blessing’ in the dark hours. The trending music video ‘Walking In My Blessing’ is what the whole world is watching as an outreach to the god almighty to call an end to the suffering from the grasp of the unbelievable pandemic.  Philip Noel brings a piece of gospel harmonies in the music video to unite us with the power of positive music and the magic of prayers.

The U K gospel singer is a gospel singer, psalmist and a preacher who never failed to sustain faith for the God almighty in people has come with a gesture to help the billions of lives to get through this tough situation with a beautiful version of a gospel track. The video was released on May 21, 2016, and found its way back into the heart of timid souls at this dark period.

As an extensive music lover, I have Philip Noel’s jovial melodies about Jesus and love are very influential. The wavy reggae bars give this musical piece a new height and its positive lyrics the power to heal any disheartenment. I felt ‘Walking In My Blessing’ has a compassionate appeal to save the divine faith from falling like a pack of cards. Find the preacher of peace on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well.