Perfect Your Makeup Game At Home With This Tips-Filled Tutorial By Jackie Aina

Every girl wants to perfect her makeup skills and since the world has slowed down, we have a little more time on our hands to learn and create those striking makeup looks we have been admiring for ages. Nigerian-American Beauty Vlogger and macro influencer Jackie Aina, in a recent makeup tutorial created an everyday makeup look that can work for a professional environment or girls’ night out. It’s packed with strategic makeup tips!

After being away for so long, you have to look your best at the office or any upcoming events after the lockdown and this tutorial will put you on the right path.

What matters most with makeup

Jackie has stressed in her other tutorials that the first step in achieving a seamless makeup look is having flawless skin. It is also a fact that blending is key in makeup. Knowing how to blend your foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and using the right textures for your skin type are all very important for a flawless finish. Plus, the right tools and products are equally important when it comes to perfecting your makeup game.


Jackie Aina

In this tutorial, Jackie shares how she corrects her skin discoloration to achieve an even skin tone. The final look is quite easy to achieve, it’s beginner friendly and can serve as a guide to create any look you desire. All you need to do now is gather your beauty products and learn. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Watch this easy makeup tutorial for black women…

Photo Credit: Instagram | Jackie Aina | Jackie Aina Tutorial