PENNYWILD Brings Queer Culture To Dim Mak In New Single “Footsteps”

As a DJ, PENNYWILD is a chameleon. She can work her sets to fit every and any occasion she’s called upon to provide entertainment for, and does it with class and style. As a producer, PENNYWILD is less prolific, and far more directed. Her new single, “Footsteps,” for instance, out now on Dim Mak, is a house-inspired track paying homage to underground Vogue/Ball culture.

The single, out last Tuesday, only tells half the story. The other half is conveyed by the new music video out this week, in which Penny literally takes over the Dim Mak offices in Los Angeles for a brilliant dance number.

In an interview with Billboard, Penny says, “Creating art in any medium has always acted as a vehicle to express my truth, so I simply wouldn’t see the point in creating something that wasn’t extremely close to me and my story.”

Watch the dance visual for “Footsteps” and listen to the full track below!