Pendulum Debut New Song With Hybrid Minds On Live Stream, “Louder Than Words”

Yesterday, Pendulum went live for the first time in quarantine to celebrate their two newest singles in 10 years, “Driver” and “Nothing For Free.” And, as we suspected, they debuted a new song with Hybrid Minds, “Louder Than Words.”

— Rob Swire (@rob_swire) October 3, 2020

And guess what?? Pendulum is going liquid!

“Louder Than Words” is a beautiful melodic piece with fervent drums and a sultry melody that sucks you in with plenty of emotion and silky production. The lyrics are beautiful and Rob’s voice is perfect for the liquid style. Though they only played a couple minutes of what is surely a slightly longer song, we’re already in love. Check it out below at 23:00 on the stream!

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