PEEKABOO’s version of Marshmello’s “Here With Me” featuring CHVRCHES

It’s finally heeeere! Since debuting the song last year at Rezz Rocks (a full year ago), fans have been asking for PEEKABOO’s version of Marshmello’s “Here With Me” featuring CHVRCHES and the day has finally come.

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📸: @itmewes

— PEEKABOO (@peekaboobeats) October 2, 2019

When people talk about pushing boundaries in genres, this is the song they’re talking about. This is dubstep, but it’s not dubstep. It has all the markings of the genre but also has a bit of trap and future bass, but it’s all of these and none of them at the same time. The atmosphere in the song is positively delectable; the use of space and bass paired with the vocals makes this a wholly unique song that is unlikely to be replicated anytime soon.

PEEKABOO told Your EDM, “This track is incredibly special to me. I pushed my boundaries creatively to create something memorable. Easily my favorite record I’ve ever produced.”

Check out “Here With Me” by PEEKABOO below!

Photo via aLIVE Coverage for BUKU via youredm

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