PEEKABOO Drops New EP “Wrecking Ball” On Deadbeats

It’s safe to say that PEEKABOO is one of the hottest rising acts in bass music right now, and he aims to keep that momentum going with a new EP out now on Deadbeats, Wrecking Ball. The 4-track EP carries the same type of experimental and forward-thinking bass that made him a fan-favorite already. The first three tracks all share a similar minimal ideology, with nary a melody to push it along, just a bassline, drum loop, and maybe a vocal here or there.

“Swingin,” the final track of the EP, is my favorite off the release. The mix of melody in the intro and minimalism in the drop gives it a wide range that proves PEEKABOO still has much more to show.

Check out Wrecking Ball below, out now via Deadbeats.