Pedestrian Tactics’ System EP Transcends Time, Space, and Identity

Seattle-based audiovisual producer Pedestrian Tactics has released a unique backburner EP that transcends time, space, and identity. His System EP first began under his former alias Corporate and was completed by Pedestrian Tactics, effectively incorporating sounds and styles from both projects. In just three tracks, this expertly mastered EP expresses more versatility, skill, and variety than some artists’ entire repertoires. Through his trap-style beat sculpting, urban grime vocal cuts, abrasive synths, and cyber-industrial cityscape ambiance, his System EP transports you to a unique realm of unrest and intrigue, much like the film and videogame soundtracks it emulates. Juxtaposing urban and organic, ethereal and atonal, uplifting and edgy, each track is a distinct step in the system. Stream Pedestrian Tactics’ new System EP below.

Pedestrian Tactics – System EP