Peach Hair Is Summer’s Sweet New Shade

This season we’re all about pushing boundaries and trying everything Instagram and our stylists have to offer — be it oil slicks, sun-kissed balayages or even wild neons. Our latest obsession? Peach hair.

Peach hair is the freshest pastel option since it gives you a lot more space to play with colorful highlights and even icy ombres. If you’re a redhead, it’s quite an amazing transformation because it offers a cooler iteration. Warmer peach tones make for amazing pastel shades, especially for summer.

These peachy shades are much more distinct than pink or pale orange hair. When it comes to reviving roots, you can actually get soft shadow touch-ups. Worried the vibrant color won’t work with your current shade? Peach actually pops on both blondes and brunettes so there’s no need to be concerned.