Paul van Dyk’s With Weekend Heroes Latest Single, “VENTURE X” ft. Christian Schottstaedt

Paul van Dyk‘s latest single, “VENTURE X,” is a collaboration with Weekend Heroes and Forced to Mode singer Christian Schottstaedt from the Beatport progressive house chart. The phrase ‘come with me to places we’ve never gone before’ allude at van Dyk’s upcoming live experience, VENTURE X. In this unique live event, the legendary DJ will pick and edit trance and progressive hits in real time.

VENTURE X is an exciting new concept in which the master DJ and curator selects the best trance, progressive house, and techno music and curates it all into one unforgettable evening. VENTURE X will be shown in other locations including New York City, Montreal, Pontiac, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, and Austin on February 17, 2023, at Toybox. Tickets and other information are available here.