Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Diamond of the First Water Eyeshadow Palette

Diamond of the First Water

Pat McGrath Diamond of the First Water MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette is a limited-edition six-pan palette with two new gel-powder formulas, one matte eyeshadow, two shimmer eyeshadows, and one Astral eyeshadow. Overall, the eyeshadows were pigmented, blendable, and longer-wearing, and they were consistent with Pat McGrath’s eyeshadow formulations in recent years.

Iconic Ingenue

When applied to bare skin, Iconic Ingenue is a pale pink with a strong, warm gold shimmer and undertones that give it a more luminous sheen. Finely milled, lightly emollient, but neither too powdery nor too firmly pressed into the pan, the texture was perfect. It lasted for nine hours before noticeably fading.

Art of the Swoon

Art of the Swoon is a brighter, medium pink with warm undertones and a finer pearl for a satin-to-pearl finish. It provided opaque color coverage in a single layer, but because it was a gel powder, it required a denser brush or a heavier hand to pick up product evenly. The powder “melted” into my skin and applied evenly. It stayed put for nine hours before visibly fading.

Pat McGrath Regency Blue EYEdols Eyeshadow

Pat McGrath Regency Blue EYEdols Eyeshadow


Regency Blue

The transparent base of Regency Blue is accented by finer, iridescent sparkle. Because it was described as a topper, some opacity was expected. The texture was lightly emollient, finely milled, and silkier than previous Astral shades, though it was still domed and baked in appearance. When used dry, it had light fallout and provided medium to semi-opaque coverage that applied well to bare skin. This shade lasted for nine hours with very little fallout.

Plum Regalia

Plum Regalia is a medium-dark plum with a matte finish and subtle warm undertones. The texture was silky, velvety, and dense without being powdery or packed too tightly into the pan. The eyeshadow provided opaque color coverage that was easy to apply and blend out. After nine hours of wear, this shade began to fade.

Duchess Divinity

Duchess Divinity is a medium plum with a bright, metallic finish and strong, warm undertones. It had a silky, cream-like texture–finely milled, smooth, but not overly thick–and a full color payoff. It stayed put for about ten hours before creasing slightly.

Love Match

Love Match is a satin finish deep pinky-red with subtle warm undertones. The consistency was denser, firmer, and more consistent than gel-powder formulations, but picking up product required a heavier hand and/or a denser brush (trying pushing against the shadow, rather than swirling). It provided complete color coverage and lasted for nine hours before fading.