Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Belle of the Ball Palette

Belle of the Ball

Pat McGrath‘s Belle of the Ball MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette is a limited-edition palette inspired on season two of Bridgerton. Two gel-powder eyeshadows, one baked eyeshadow (similar to Astrals or other “special” colours in the bigger Motherships), two standard shimmers, and one matte eyeshadow are included in the palette. All six colours were pigmented, long-lasting, and simple to apply, albeit the most glittery shade did have some fallout during use.

Look Using this Product

Melt Cosmetics Gemini II Look


Refinement is a metallic pale pink with warm, almost peachy undertones. The texture was delicate, gently creamy, and finely milled–almost velvety to the touch–and yielded full color payoff in only one coat. It stayed put for almost 10 hours before starting to fade.

Forbidden Amour

Forbidden Amour is a dark pinky-plum with a matte texture and colder undertones. It featured a single layer of deep pigmentation, as well as a smooth, velvety texture that wasn’t powdery and had some substance to it, ensuring that it maintained its opacity even on bare skin. It lasted for ten hours before beginning to fade.

Regency Romance

Regency Romance has a satin finish and is a vibrant medium-dark pin-coral. It had a gel-powder consistency that was silky smooth to the touch, dense but not stiff, and blendable, with a particularly attractive shine on the skin. It had dense pigmentation that lasted for almost nine hours before starting to fade a little.

Daring Dandy

Daring Dandy is a light greenish-aqua with warm undertones and a multicolored pearl for a high-shine, metallic finish. It featured a somewhat transparent foundation and a semi-opaque color coverage. It had a mild creaminess to it, was solid but not unduly thick, and was simple to work with. It stayed put for almost 10 hours before starting to fade.

Pat McGrath Diamond's Desire EYEdols Eyeshadow
Pat McGrath Diamond’s Desire EYEdols Eyeshadow

Diamond’s Desire

Diamond’s Desire is a deep, medium-dark rosy copper with warm undertones and a colossal amount of rainbow glitter (mainly gold and pink) over a somewhat transparent base. Although this was practically opaque from the start, I believe it is akin to several hues with the term “Astral” in them. To reduce fallout over time, I would recommend putting this over a very sticky foundation or with an adhesive spray, since there was some over the 10 hours it lasted otherwise.

Forever Charmed

Forever Charmed is a dark olive green with warm undertones and a lustrous finish. It was densely colored and slightly hard in texture, but not stiff or difficult to pick up with a dry brush. It continued for around 10 hours before dramatically diminishing.