Pat McGrath Voyeuristic Vixen Venus In Fleurs Luxe Quad


Voyeuristic Vixen

Pat McGrath Voyeuristic Vixen Venus in Fleurs Luxe Quad is a new, limited edition quad that included three shimmery shades and one matte. Rose Nectar Fire was a surprise–it was far more dimensional (almost appeared to be a multichrome to my eye!) than it appeared in the pan. All four shades were pigmented, blendable, and long-wearing and consistent with the brand’s past releases.

Moonlight Liaison

Moonlight Liaison is a very light, peachy-pink with strong, warm undertones and a high-shine, metallic finish. It was richly pigmented with a smooth, lightly creamy consistency that wasn’t too firmly nor too softly-pressed into the pan. The eyeshadow applied well to bare skin and blended out with ease. This shade showed signs of fading after nine hours of wear.

Rose Fire Nectar

Rose Nectar Fire seemed to have a slightly transparent base chocked full of dimensional shimmer that shifted from darker, reddish-copper to brighter golden copper to greenish-gold. It had a high-shine, sparkling finish. The texture was emollient, which ensured the product had good adhesion to bare skin but had a flakier consistency so there was still some fallout when blended out. It was slightly too slippery and could be pushed around readily, so it was better applied with a fingertip and carefully blended along the edges. It had mostly opaque color coverage that stayed on well for nine hours with some fallout over time.

After Dusk

After Dusk is a deep, reddish-copper with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. It seemed to warm to be a burgundy, too red to be a true copper, but it was too vivid to be a brown! The texture was incredibly silky and smooth–the most finely-milled and silkiest matte shade from the brand I’ve tried. It had full color coverage in a single layer, which applied evenly to bare skin and blended out nicely along the edges. It lasted well for nine hours before fading slightly.

Twilight Bronze

Twilight Bronze is a light, golden taupe with warmer shimmer and metallic shine. The base color was slightly rosier, depending on the lighting, but it was warmer overall. The texture was smooth, moderately dense, and almost cream-like as it held together well and had excellent adhesion to bare skin. It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer and wore well for nine and a half hours before creasing faintly.