Pat McGrath Ritualistic Rose Blitz Astral Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches


Ritualistic Rose

Pat McGrath Ritualistic Rose Blitz Astral Eyeshadow Quad is a new, limited edition palette that features four shimmering shades: a light-medium gold, duochrome peach-pink, sparkling plum, and a soft bronze. All four shades had semi-opaque to opaque pigmentation, applied evenly, blended out without issue, and had good wear (around 10 hours!). Three of the four had a fair amount of sparkles but fallout was minimal during application and throughout wear.

Antique Gold 002

Antique Gold 002 is a light-medium gold with subtle, warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation applied dry and full coverage applied with a dampened brush. The texture was dense, firmer in the pan but picked up well with a brush, and it softened slightly after two uses. The color applied evenly to bare skin and blended out nicely with very minimal fallout (applied with a dry brush). It wore well for 10 hours on me before creasing faintly and didn’t seem to have fallout during wear.

Astral Rose Orchid

Astral Rose Orchid is a brighter, warmer pink with a sparkling, pink-to-gold shifting duochrome finish. I found that it looked like a light-medium pink less than half of the time; most of the time, it was lighter, brighter, and more of peachy-gold with flecks of pink.

The texture was fairly smooth, but I could feel (by touch) how much sparkle was packed into the formula, but I was impressed by how well the sparkles and powder came together as it had minimal fallout during application–even with a dry brush–and how there didn’t seem to be additional fallout during blending, though there was some dispersion (more so than intended).

It had good pigmentation applied dry as well as with a dampened brush; I didn’t find that the dampened brush improved the underlying base color come through much but it helped with laying down a smoother, shinier layer of product overall. On me, the eyeshadow stayed on well for over 10 hours with very minimal fallout over time.

Rose Quartz 005

Rose Quartz 005 is a medium, rosy plum with subtle, warm undertones and slightly cooler pink sparkle over a metallic finish. It had opaque pigmentation applied dry as well as with a dampened brush, though dampened application made the color appear darker, richer, and gave it a shinier finish.

The texture was fairly smooth, but there was a textural element there from the sparkles at the surface. It felt denser and more firmly-pressed in the pan, and it softened after the initial use, though I didn’t struggle to get coverage or work with it on first use but noticed more product picked up more readily on the second and third uses.

It applied evenly to bare skin and blended out nicely along the edges. I didn’t experience issues with fallout during the initial lay down of product onto my lid, and there seemed like a few stray sparkles that dropped during blending. It lasted nicely for 10 hours with slight fallout over time.

Beyond Bronze 003

Beyond Bronze 003 is a light-medium, golden bronze with muted, warm undertones and a lightly sparkled, pearly sheen. It was the least shimmery/metallic shade in the quad, but it definitely has a reflective finish to it and won’t give the depth of a true matte finish (even in a pinch) would.

The consistency was smooth to the touch, dense and almost cream-like but more firmly-pressed into the pan. It had rich color payoff that adhered evenly to bare skin and blended out with ease along the edge without losing its intensity. It wore well for 10 hours without fading or creasing on me.

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