Pat McGrath Nude Romantique 2 & Veiled Rose SatinAllure Lipsticks

Nude Romantique 2

Nude Romantique 2 SatinAllure Lipstick is a subdued medium pink with gentle, warm undertones and a cream finish by Pat McGrath. As advertised, it had medium, buildable pigmentation that went smoothly across my lips but had little streaking and settling at the corners, but it wasn’t bad enough to be evident in person. Over the course of four hours, the texture was light, thin, and gently moisturizing.

Veiled Rose

Pat McGrath Veiled Rose SatinAllure Lipstick is a cream finish and a medium-dark pink with neutral-to-warm undertones. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation that applied evenly to my lips, but it had enough slip that it streaked a little on the outside border of my lips, but it wasn’t evident from a typical viewing distance. The lipstick was silky smooth, very lightweight and thin, but not clinging. It held on for four hours and felt softly moisturizing as time went on.