Pat McGrath Interstellar Icon Celestial Divinity Luxe Eyeshadow Quad


Interstellar Icon

Pat McGrath Interstellar Icon Celestial Divinity Luxe Eyeshadow Quad is a new, limited edition palette that includes a sparkling peachy-gold with shift, sparkling navy blue with shift, pearly burgundy, and sparkling, bronzy-taupe. All four shades had a fair amount of sheen to them with Blue Blood being the least shimmery but still fairly reflective. All four shades had nearly opaque to opaque pigmentation, good longevity, and were easy to apply and to blend out, though there was light fallout working with Hypnotique.

Pat McGrath Golden Polaris EYEdols Eyeshadow

Golden Polaris

Golden Polaris is a darker, peachy gold base with flecks of pink and gold sparkle throughout a more metallic finish. There was a stronger shift where it appeared more copper and the pink and gold sparkle came through more noticeably. The texture was soft, smooth, and lightly creamy but not as dense or as firmly-pressed in the pan as is typical for the brand.

It felt almost like a cross between the brand’s traditional shimmer shades and the Astral shades. The color payoff was opaque in a single layer, while it was blendable and wasn’t prone to fallout. This shade lasted nicely for nine and a half hours before fading visibly.

Pat McGrath Hypnotique EYEdols Eyeshadow


Hypnotique is a medium, navy blue with strong, cool–almost violet–undertones and a sparkling, high-shine finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation applied dry as well as wet; I did not find one was better than the other for coverage but dampened application yielded less fallout during application and a smoother layer of product.

The texture was lightly emollient, almost wet to the touch, with good slip, so a lot of the sparkles applied and adhered to bare skin, though there was still a bit of fallout if I used a dry brush. It wore well for 10 hours with very little fallout over time.

Blue Blood

Blue Blood is a deep burgundy with warmer, brownish undertones and a shiny, metallic finish. It was richly pigmented with a smooth, lightly creamy consistency that was easy to pick up and to apply to bare skin.

This shade has been previously released, so it is not a new shade, but the color and quality were consistent with past releases. It stayed on beautifully for 10 hours before fading slightly.

Pat McGrath Divine Dahlia EYEdols Eyeshadow

Divine Dahlia

Divine Dahlia is a very rich taupe with warmer, brown undertones and finer and larger sparkles that read greenish-gold and pink. The intense, metallic finish was sparkling, shiny, and rich. The consistency was soft, smooth, and creamy with full pigmentation achieved dry as well as wet. It lasted well for 10 hours before showing signs of fading.