Pat McGrath Bronze Opulence Mini Lip Gloss Trio Review & Swatches


Bronze Opulence

Pat McGrath Bronze Opulence Mini Lip Gloss Trio is a new, limited edition trio that features three, miniature-sized glosses; two are existing and one is a new shade in a new gloss formula (“Lust Lacquer”). The existing shades were consistent with the full-sized shades I reviewed previously. The new shade and its formula are comfortable to wear, but it wasn’t as pigmented as described and didn’t apply as evenly as I would expect. I also think the tackiness and thickness of the new formula will not be everyone’s favorite.

Pale Fire Nectar

Pale Fire Nectar has a more translucent base (at best, peach-tinted) with flecks of with pink and violet sparkle paired with a high-shine, glossy finish. It had sheer coverage, and it was part of the set of glosses intended to be more “translucent” (the range goes up to opaque, but I definitely think the brand could do a better job of describing this). The gloss spread evenly across my lips and had a lightweight, smooth consistency that wasn’t too thick or too thin. It lasted well for three hours and was moisturizing over time.

Flesh 6

Flesh 6 is a muted, medium-dark copper-red with warm undertones and a shiny, cream finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage in a single layer, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips. The texture was smooth, spreadable, and comfortable to wear without being heavy or tacky, though there was a smidgen of product in my deeper lip lines–not enough to be noticeable in person, though. It wore well for four and a half hours and felt hydrating while worn.

Lunar Bronze

Lunar Bronze is a medium-dark, coppery red base packed full of multi-colored shimmer and pearl. IT was dominated by copper and ruby shimmer with bits of gold and violet that came through at times. The formula was light-medium in weight and thicker with a fair amount of tackiness, which helped keep in place better than most glosses but might not be comfortable for those who dislike tackiness in their gloss.

It had semi-opaque color coverage (and it was intended to have “high pigmentation”) that could have applied more evenly; I felt like it had so much shimmer and shininess that the unevenness wasn’t as noticeable in person, though. The gloss stayed on well for six hours and was moisturizing over time.