Pat McGrath Amethyst Astral & Rose Quartz Astral Lip Fetish Balms


Amethyst Astral

Pat McGrath Amethyst Astral Lip Fetish Astral Lip Balm has a more translucent base with iridescent, blue and violet micro-shimmer and larger sparkle particles. There was sheer coverage, which was as anticipated based on the brand’s claims, and this particular shade lightened my natural lip color while adding a shine and sparkle to them.

There was good dispersion of the shimmer/sparkle for an all-over sparkling finish. It had a lightweight, balmy consistency that was emollient with fair amount of slip but was comfortable to wear and lightly hydrating over the three hours it lasted for.

Rose Quartz Astral

Pat McGrath Rose Quartz Astral Lip Fetish Astral Lip Balm is a darker, plummy-pink with flecks of lighter pink, gold, and lavender sparkle throughout a glossier, more luminous finish. It had sheer to semi-sheer coverage, which was in line with the brand’s description, which applied smoothly across my lips as it had an emollient, more melt-on-your-mouth kind of texture. I could feel the added sparkles slightly when I pressed my lips together.

The product itself was still firm enough that it didn’t feel like it was easy to waste product, though, but I’m glad it’s in a slimmer tube (even if that means less product) so it doesn’t have the opportunity to tilt. There was a smidgen of product that sank into my deeper lip lines, which was noticeable in the close-up photo but not from a normal viewing distance in person. Additionally, the shimmer and sparkle reflected a lot more light, which masked minor imperfections. It wore well for four hours and felt lightly hydrating over time.