Pasquale Rotella Announced That The Festival Would Be Moving Forward With Safety Plans

Confusion and turmoil have surrounded EDC Las Vegas since Pasquale Rotella announced that the festival would be moving forward in May the same day that the state of Nevada rejected their original safety proposal. In response to fans’ bewilderment, Rotella took to Reddit of all places to respond to a thread titled, “EDC CONFIRMED FOR MAY 2021.”


As Billboard points out, “On May 1, jurisdiction over COVID-19 protocols and rules for large events in Nevada shifts from state to county authorities, meaning that Clark County officials will be responsible for vetting Insomniac’s revised safety plan.” However, the deadline to transfer tickets to May 2022 is April 15th, 2021 at 11:59PM PT. That means fans won’t be able to review EDC’s safety plan or lineup before locking in their tickets for this year.

Rotella’s response about fans who feel unsafe attending this year is reminiscent of a lot of comments on social media, “To those who have safety concerns about attending EDC in May, I hear you loud and clear. The past year has taken a toll on all of us mentally, and I understand why some may be feeling that way. There’s no need to stress about it, just move your ticket to next year. We are here for you now and will be for decades to come no matter what.”

If you don’t feel comfortable attending EDC in May, you can fill out their Ticket Transfer Inquiry Form here.

Photo by Marc Van der Aa for Insomniac Events