Partywithray Calls Upon Zhu, Dr. Fresch, And More In New Music Video, “My Name Is | All Day”

Partywithray, the mysterious producer who collaborated with Zhu on “Came For The Low,” just came out with his own two-track EP, My Name Is | All Day. For the new release, he’s bundled the two tracks into one trippy, fun music video.

“My Name Is” puts the focus on Ray in a VHS-filtered, technicolor dance number that feels like an ’80s video made in the ’90s in the style of the ’10s. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it. As for “All Day,” the setting shifts to a laundromat with plenty of extras, though they also explore the streets of LA and a tattoo parlor.

The party is just getting started and it’s already raging. Get your IPAs, get your fifth of Bulleit, get your hand-rolled j’s (or spliffs if you’re feeling European), put on some skinny jeans, mess up that hair just right and JOIN THE FUN FAM <3 -Partwithray

Check out the double-video below and partywithray here.