Party Favor Teams With Fellow Los Angeles Artist Elohim For His Next Offering “ Losing My Mind ”

As the follow-up to his latest single “Save Me” released this past August on Ultra Music, Party Favor teams with fellow Los Angeles artist Elohim for his next offering “Losing My Mind” out today, September 17. Known for her candidness about her struggles with severe anxiety disorder, panic and dissociation, Elohim lends her unique vocals to the track with a frenzied expression. Sinister pressurized synths and driving beats create the foundation for the fluster of Elohim singing about losing her mind.  With his new offerings, Party Favor evolves taking a more melodic and vocal-driven approach while still maintaining a high-level electronic production standard which will result in a new project to come. Check out “Losing My Mind” below!

Photo via John William Chiaravalle III