Party Favor Takes An Unexpected Route And Faces Inner Demons With His Latest Original “Save Me”

Party Favor takes an unexpected route and faces inner demons with his latest original, “Save Me.” The song starts up and a voice calls out — “I need someone to save me” — as an emotional build sweeps in, soon dropping into a gritty, electrifying arrangement. Backed by heavy drums, deep chants, and steady growls, there’s a consistent, haunting nature heard throughout this trap-forward production. Party Favor, real name Dylan Ragland, shares in his own words:

“Save Me” is an ode to the demons we’re all fighting constantly. Everyone’s going through something different all the time, and for me that’s dealing with anxiety. This song comes from the perspective of a person’s subconscious mind trying to rid itself of those demons, even when they keep coming back time and again.

Party Favor recently signed with Ultra Music, marking a new era of releases with a more melodic approach, starting with “Save Me.” It’s obvious the project has shifted since the lockdown and we’re excited to hear it evolve.

Watch the official music video for “Save Me” right here!


Party Favor – Save Me

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