Party Favor Releases Debut Album “Layers”

There are so many albums coming out this year, it would be hard for anyone to narrow down their most anticipated releases. For me, however, Party Favor’s debut album Layers has been on my must-listen list since it was first announced last year. Compared to Party Favor’s early tracks like “Bap U” and “Bust ‘Em,” Layers is more, well… layered. There’s a greater diversity to the sounds he uses while still keeping things Party Favor oriented, with collaborations from GTA, graves, A$AP Ferg & Juicy J, Salvatore Ganacci, and more.

Don’t confuse my words though, Layers is still absolutely a party album. It gets a little softer toward the middle with “Be Ok” feat EZI and “Dreams” feat KingJet, but these are both bookended by bangers through and through. And, in my opinion, the hardest track on the album doesn’t even come until the penultimate track, “RBRBRB” with Hex Cougar.

“Wasabi” with Salvatore Ganacci is just as fun as you’d expect, “Back” with OG Maco & Project Pat sounds like a great callback to Party Favor’s “Bap U” style, and album-closer “All Of It” wraps everything up in an auto-tuned whirlpool of sound. Layers is out now, via Party Favor’s newly minted Area 25 imprint. Listen to it below!

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