Paris’s First Gucci Luggage-Only Store Opens

The Italian luxury firm Gucci has opened doors to welcome shoppers into its Gucci Valigeria boutique — a stand-alone store dedicated to its travel collection — at 229 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. The area spans two stories and includes a wide choice of items including weekend bags, duffles, garment bags, vanity cases, hat cases, and other travel needs. Elements such as antique light fixtures and shelves, inspired by the heyday of train travel during the Belle Epoque, embellish the store area.

Starting with the retail window displays, tributes to Gucci’s background as a trunk and suitcase maker could be noticed in the luggage cart inspired layout. When entering the store on the ground level, one is reminded of a posh railway station. The cash station is disguised as a greeting desk, and a pile of Gucci-monogrammed bags lies nearby. This category also has exotic skin versions of Gucci’s weekend duffel and unique trunks.

Brass shelving that resembles the racks on vintage trains may be found along the walls of the floor above. When you look up, you’ll see that the ceiling has an arched roof, a tribute to the tops of old carriages. The entire floor is covered in a tartan-patterned loon-woven carpet, and comfortable banquette seating adds a cozy touch. There are also other embellishments, such as etched lion heads, which are a sign of bravery and power. Overall, “the décor evokes the atmosphere of an elegant vintage railway carriage as dark walnut furniture and finishes are contrasted by neutral-toned canvas surfaces,” the press release shares.

The Gucci Savoy collection, which incorporates the brand’s recognizable emblem, the famous Web stripe, and Double G hardware, is one of the centerpieces of this Parisian retailer. You may also get the Gucci Bauletto top handle bag with its distinctive triangular design. Trunks will also be available, along with its recently introduced “Off the Grid” variant made of recycled Econyl nylon. It will also mark the debut of the recently announced aluminum trolley suitcase, which was created in collaboration with Italian luxury luggage specialist FPM Milano.

“Gucci Valigeria is a powerful reminder of our Florentine roots and our timeless craft,” says Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci.” It is a symbol of our legacy, reinterpreted through the ages for the travellers and modern-day explorers of every era. Paris’s Rue Saint-Honoré is the perfect location to house our first Gucci Valigeria boutique, offering a portal into our ever-expanding world of travel and discovery.”

Gucci’s roots can be traced back to the company’s founder, Guccio Gucci, and the spirit of travel has been a continual source of inspiration for the company. When the young Gucci was employed as a porter at The Savoy hotel in the late 1800s, he witnessed customers arriving at the door with trunks and baggage. That gave him an entrepreneurial idea, and he returned to Florence in 1921 to found the House of Gucci. The company is one of the most influential luxury brands today, shaping the course of the fashion industry.