“Out of Control” A Dark Progressive Masterpiece By Nicky Romero And EDX

Nicky Romero‘s hot run continues with the release of another highly anticipated hit, “Out of Control.” Nicky returns to his more club-oriented, progressive style with “Out of Control,” a collaboration with Italian-Swiss DJ/Producer EDX. This is the first collaboration between the two producers, and the results are undeniably impressive. The song begins with some gentle pads and an impassioned voice. The song is about one of those poisonous relationships that we all struggle to escape.

We got the massive drop after two iterations of the chorus, with pounding kick drums, a powerful synth progression, and a groove that is likely to ignite the dancefloor. From Ultra Miami to Tomorrowland, Nicky Romero’s concerts have included “Out of Control.” The track is now open to the public. “Out of Control,” the latest single from Nicky Romero and EDX, is available now on Spinnin’. You can also relive Nicky’s most recent live performance at this year’s Tomorrowland!