Ookay Bringing Back The Saxophone Mastery In His New Single “Not Again”

It may not seem like too long ago that Ookay burst onto the scene with his hit record “Thief,” but alas, that was in 2016! As the LA-based artist prepares for this sophomore LP, he’s bringing back the saxophone mastery in his new single “Not Again,” the third track to be revealed from the aforementioned full-length. “Thief” which amassed over eighty million streams on Spotify alone was arguably THE song of the year when it was released, earning support and airtime from a plethora of his peers and even culminating in the legendary Kenny G performing with Ookay at Coachella.

While “Not Again” features the sexy saxophone riffs that shined in “Thief,” it’s worth noting how much Ookay has grown as a well-rounded artist and all-around musician since then, exhibiting his growing vocal prowess and songwriting skills. Combining his new skill-set with the addictive saxophone riffs that his fans have come to know and love, “Not Again” is a perfect representation of the sounds that make Ookay who he is today.