Oneroz3 Releases Single ‘LWYD’

Different people bring out different sides of us. Some have a knack for putting a smile on our faces while others inexplicably annoy us. Some make us fall in love without much effort at all. In her latest single ‘LWYD’, singer-songwriter Oneroz3 explores this feeling of being helplessly drawn to a lover. It is a slow and sexy track that captures the feverish anticipation of a passionate reunion. This is one song that you can always reach for to put you in the mood.

Oneroze3 was born in St Louis Missouri but she grew up in San Diego California, a place that influenced her to dream of being a professional musician herself. She has been writing poems and songs from a young age. She is also proficient with the piano having taken lessons in her youth. Now she is making her dream a reality with songs that showcase her diversity and her influences in R&B. Her music understands today’s generation and their language. Oneroz3 sings about love in its raw form: an undeniable attraction that leaves people defenseless. She is not afraid to show her vulnerability in the face of such overwhelming force. The title itself admonishes the lover: Look What You Do. This is desire in all its nakedness. Here is impatience and expectation. This is an enthusiastic consent of a woman who is free to make her own decisions, and chooses one person above all else.