Oliver Heldens and Ian Asher Collaborate to Revitalize Sérgio Mendes’ Classic “Mas Que Nada”

As we usher in 2024, Oliver Heldens is embarking on a journey back to his musical roots. The renowned Dutch superstar producer has joined forces with the emerging American talent, Ian Asher, to give a fresh spin to Sérgio Mendes’ iconic 1966 global hit, “Mas Que Nada.” Interestingly, it was Asher who initially shared an edit of the original track, sparking a viral sensation.

The final rendition of “Mas Que Nada” is a nostalgic nod to Oliver’s early works, reminiscent of tracks like “Koala” and “Gecko.” The signature elements of Oliver Heldens are unmistakable in the revamped version, with the bass, synths, and tempo reflecting the artist’s distinctive style. The collaborative effort between Heldens and Asher breathes new life into Mendes’ classic, bridging the gap between the timeless sound of the past and the contemporary beats of today.

The release of this re-imagined track is a testament to the power of collaboration across musical generations. Ian Asher’s viral edit served as the catalyst for this exciting project, bringing together the seasoned expertise of Oliver Heldens with the fresh and innovative approach of the young American talent. The result is a fusion of influences, creating a musical experience that pays homage to the original while adding a modern twist.

“Mas Que Nada” in the hands of Oliver Heldens and Ian Asher is now available on Easier Said, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the dynamic blend of classic and contemporary sounds. The track captures the essence of the past while propelling it into the present, showcasing the versatility and timeless appeal of Sérgio Mendes’ masterpiece.

In addition to the release, fans can also enjoy Oliver Heldens’ recent 3-hour set from the Brooklyn Mirage. This extended performance provides a comprehensive journey through Heldens’ diverse musical repertoire, offering a glimpse into his evolving artistic expressions and unwavering passion for electronic music.

As we delve into the musical landscape of 2024, the collaboration between Oliver Heldens and Ian Asher stands as a shining example of artists paying homage to the classics while pushing the boundaries of creativity. “Mas Que Nada” takes on a new life, inviting both seasoned fans and a new generation of listeners to appreciate the timeless magic of music, skillfully reinterpreted for the contemporary ear. Experience the revitalized “Mas Que Nada” now and dive into the infectious beats curated by these two talented artists.