Oliver Announce They Broke Up In Secret Over A Year Ago


Oliver’s 2017 album Full Circle made our list of Top 10 Albums for the year, but they haven’t released a new original since. Many day one fans fueled by nostalgia have been wondering what’s been going on or when we might hear new music from the duo, but sadly the story has ended. Today, Vaughn Oliver, who seems to be the sole owner of the Oliver name now, tweeted very plainly, “For those asking about new music, [Oliver Goldstein] and I (Vaughn) haven’t worked together in over a year. We still love and respect each other but it wasn’t working out professionally.”

— Oliver (@WeAreOliver) October 24, 2019

The break up was doubtful ever meant to be kept a secret, per se, it was just that no one knew about it.

Vaughn quickly following up to say Oliver would continue to release music “here and there,” but there’s no plans for an album or tour in the future.

— Oliver (@WeAreOliver) October 24, 2019

Listen to their debut and only album, Full Circle, below.