OHMYGi Releases “ I’m Danger ” Her Unapologetic Debut Single

Gisela Lindhorst aka OHMYGi has released her debut single “I’m Danger”, which is available now. The inaugural Icon Collective Women’s Scholarship and Icon Ambassador Award were given to this Chilean-born artist, allowing her to focus on her unique vision in Los Angeles in recent years. OHMYGi’s self-expression is on full display with her debut release as a producer, singer, songwriter, and performer.

The song is unapologetically honest and raw, and it sets the tone for OHMYGi’s upcoming album Danger in Pink. “I’m Danger”, a bilingual banger with heavy basslines and ripping lyrics, is a blend of her native Spanish and improved English. The OHMYGi project is brimming with creativity, and we can’t wait to hear more.

On a deeper level, OHMYGi expresses her feelings about female oppression and creates a space for awareness in order for “each one [of] us to play our active role” in the community while also awakening feminine power. Listen to the song below and check out the music video here!

OHMYGi – I’m Danger