Officina Armare’s Latest Project Centauro is Out of This World

Providing unique services to the yachting and transportation industry, Officina Armare has never shied away from the unknown, with innovatively, out-of-pocket designs with a fresh perspective, process and strategy – offering clients the perfect combination of form and function whilst achieving optimal results.

Founded in 2017 by Armagan Cakir, Officina Armare is an independent, new generation design studio, dedicated to providing boat owners, shipyards, technical offices and other related businesses with bespoke services and solutions. Its latest concept, dubbed Project Centauro features a futuristic mega yacht.

Drawing inspiration from spaceships and naval sea crafts, Project Centauro’s striking out-of-this-world aesthetic is based on a perimeter of strong edges, flowing lines and a gloss-finish hull. Spanning 360 feet, the yacht accommodates up to 14 passengers and 38 crew with six palatial guest cabins, a helipad, cinema, private fold-down sea terrace, massage and full-beam spa, indoor pool, diving station, hot tub, sauna, beach club, observation lounge and a submarine.

Powered by two MTU engines with steerable water jets, the boat accelerates to speeds up to 20 knots and cruises at an estimate 18 knots – allowing guests an effortlessly swift journey through the waves and toward their destination. While Project Centauro has yet to reach its production stage, Officina Armare has completed other equally diverse and awe-inspiring projects, such as an ultimate day cruiser, entitled the A43 Concept X Lamborghini.