Official “Anti-Hero” Remix By ILLENIUM Is Made Available To Taylor Swift Fans

Taylor Swift broke several milestones with the release of her current album, Midnights, including holding every slot on the Billboard Top 10, making her the first man or woman to do so. (Drake possessed nine.) So when we noticed she was releasing remixes of “Anti-Hero,” the number one hit, we were anxious to see who top-tier EDM artist she would work with.

ILLENIUM walked away with the plug, not Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Zedd, or DJ Snake, and the remix is officially launched today, after becoming available for purchase on Swift’s site yesterday. The gentle piano from the original is used in the song, complemented with ILLENIUM’s unique sound, and brought to the foreground. The drop is dramatic and full of energy, making this the ideal sing-along for the Swifties and Illenials – we know you’re out there. Listen below.

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